How To Strengthen Immune System

Your chance of survival against Covid-19 is higher if you have a strong immune system. On the contrary, a weak immune system classifies you as “at risk level”. The level of risk cannot be defined though. There are individuals who survived and recovered despite many odds. Older people survived; younger ones die. There are many unknowns about this virus. In the realm of medicine, what you don’t know can indeed kill you. The reality is, you have better chance of survival if your immune system is strong. You will not know if your immune system is weak until you have the virus. The strength or weakness of your immune system is measured on how it responds to the virus attacks.  Aspire for a stronger immune system while you don’t have the virus to deal with. The question now is how to strengthen your immune system which is of great import especially in this uncertain times.

Signs Of A Weak Immune System

Let me be emphatic about this: a covid-19 patient has a higher chance of survival if his immune system is strong. All things considered and for as long as the patient has no underlying at-risk medical conditions, survivability is high for individuals with stronger immune system. According to CDCP (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.”

According to, the following conditions weaken your immune system:

  1. Stress, especially when prolonged, weakens the responses of your immune system
  2. Constantly catching cold is indicative of a struggling immune system
  3. Frequent diarrhea, gas or constipation are signs of a compromised immune system
  4. If your wounds are slow to heal, it means your immune cells are not healthy
  5. Frequent ear infections, pneumonia or sinusitis, for example, that requires more than two courses of antibiotics – are red flags
  6. Feeling tired all the time despite enough sleep and rest is a sign to examine and reflect on your immune system

Immuno-compromized Individuals Are At Greater Risk

Those with underlying medical conditions are at risk of not surviving a virus attack. These are individuals with chronic diseases such diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. Aged 65 years and older are added risk factor.

Stronger Immunity Is A Must In This Pandemic

Building and maintaining a strong immune system is a must in this pandemic. Even if a person appears to be healthy and young, it is wise to take immune-boosting supplements. There is no definitive knowledge about this virus especially how it damages the human body. Initial findings revealed attacking the lungs primarily. Now it is attacking other parts of the human body. Before, children were spared. Lately, in a predicament twist, the virus is descending upon children.

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