What Is The Best CBD Oil On The Market

All the malls that I frequent sports a display kiosk of CBD. There are convenience stores that carry CBD products. CBD is so popular that it becomes a swing to a different healthy life style. With so many CBD products out there, the question arises: what is the best CBD oil on the market today? 

Farm Bill Of 2018 

Right after the passing of Farm Bill in 2018, the estimated projected CBD market was $2 billion by 2020. One year later that projection rose to $16 billion for 2025. Despite legal road blocks from some US states, CBD’s popularity is rising every day. Many pain sufferers attested to its efficiency to ease and lessen their suffering. You can find many corroborations especially on social media. Celebrities are the most influential espousing support. Their endorsement validated these claims and give credibility to the once frowned CBD. Some celebrities even carry their own brand names.  

Celebrities With Their Own CBD Brand 

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has partnered with Abacus Health to launch a new line of CBD products called CBDMedic. After suffering in pain for more than a decade, he claims to be pain-free after using CBD. Indeed a big deal for him and now “hopes the NFL will allow players to use CBD in the future to help with pain management.” 

Ivan Moody, the Five Finger Death Punch frontman recently announced his new CBD company, Moody’s Medicinals, back in June 2019 that includes CBD throat sprays and CBD water. 

Carey Hart, a Motocross athlete and Pink’s husband announced his CBD brand, HartLuck CBD, which features tinctures, salves, and gel capsules.  

There are many other celebrities who are joining the so-called CBD bandwagon. As the popularity of CBD increases and because of the potentially feasible business product, we will be seeing more investors pouring in money into this industry. 

Are All CBD In The Market Safe? 

Bear in mind that up to this time US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not officially approved CBD. Except for one – Epidiolex which treats epilepsy. Other CBD products are only promoted through worth of mouth or aggressive advertising. One concern is the safety of CBD users absent scientific and definitive research conclusions.  

Which begs the question – are these CBDs marketed now safe? If they work as claimed by many, why proceed with caution in taking CBDs.  

There is only one CBD-based product that is approved by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Does this mean that any un-approved CBD-based products is not safe? What about the belief that CBD has been used since time immemorial such as in ancient Greece. CBD was widely used also in Asia, India, China and other countries. In 1946 Dr. Walter S. Loewe conducted the first CBD test on lab animals. His test proved that CBD does not alter one’s state of mind. In the 90’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered in the human body. In the same period CBD was found out to improve one’s homeostatis 

What Is The Best CBD Oil On The Market? 

As we are all aware now, CBD has many applications. It is advanced to be more than easing body pains. From chronic back pains to arthritic pains, many claimed to have restored their well-being. CBD oil is used to improve one’s beauty assets. When aloe vera is mixed with CBD oil, the soothing effect of aloe vera enhances the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. CBD is known to calm nerves which relieves anxiety. And lastly, many pets enjoy CBD filled pet foods which attributed to the opening of a newer market – CBD pet products 

Before anyone can claim which CBD oil brand is the best in the market today, let us be reminded again, that for the sake of safety and concern, we have a food and drug regulator of sort that we have to turn to. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has endorsed and approved only one product or drug for public use –  Epidiolex which is orally taken to treat seizures. All the rest have not been approved by FDA. Public opinion, sentiment and clamor is the only basis for CBD oil’s creditworthiness. We have to respect the slow and careful process observed by FDA in approving CBD products open for public consumption. It is always for the sake of public safety. However, there are some guidelines, un-approved though, that we can follow through the path of using CBD. 

Third Party Analyses Report 

The internet is replete of CBD ecommerce. If you google CBD most of the results are online stores selling CBD products. Some of them are sourced out of China and other countries. And they are dubiously cheap. One thing for sure, seldom will you find in those sites with a page dedicated to third party analysis. Consumers can check the sites for “Certificate Of Analysis” provided by independent assay laboratories. These certificates define the components as well as the processing types of each and every CBD product lines. No certificate means be careful or even abstain purchase. If there is a certificate, check the certifying laboratory. Make sure they are legitimate by visiting their website. 

What To Look For In A Lab Analysis 

Because of the fact that CBD has not been definitely scientifically researched and tested yet there is no known serious side effects, still a user must be guided by at least some kind of attestation about the content of the CBD bottles they are taking. It is imperative that the report must specify what process was used in extracting the CBD oil. Whether the oil is full spectrum or not. And how many milligrams it has. 

Check the vendor for integrity. How long has it been in business? Where do they resource their CBD? Is it imported? Is it processed right here in the United States? Do they have any return policy? Can you return un-used bottles? 

These are some of the simple tests to do to protect yourself while searching for the best CBD oil in the market. 

CBD Multilevel Marketing Poise For The Long Haul 

As CBD users, we have to be wary of fly-by-night vendors, especially online stores. Some online stores become now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t phenomenon. One day we see nice looking and colorful well designed websites only to find out two months down the line that its URL is gone – for good. The same website keeps debiting your account every month especially when you opted for autopay. 

I feel it safer to join a multi-level marketing company. With this kind of model, I feel safe for my investment especially when such company has been in business at least for more than three years. Aside from receiving some earnings you have a constant supply of your CBD products. Your peers (fellow multi-marketers) attest to the potency and efficacy of the products because they themselves use it. Even those that don’t make money such as myself, I use the same CBD brand because it works for me. 

In conclusion, there are good CBD products out there. Exercise diligence searching for the best CBD oil. I can recommend the one I am using. You may check it out at “Best CBD Oil“. 

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