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What causes pain? Is it psychological, meaning that pain is only in the mind? Or something that our body feels uncomfortable sensations. Something that activates our nervous system and sends these sensations to our body? 

Pain is very hard to quantify. Elusive to define. The feeling is very subjective. Hard to describe. Pain is personal. It is hard to empathize with a person in pain. Can CBD help in alleviating pain? What is the best CBD oil for pain? 

When I first experienced shoulder back pain, I was relatively young then. At age fifty I can live with pain without resorting to any pain pills except Tylenol and other over-the-counter remedies. But as I grew much older, and plague with the same shoulder back pain; now chronic I thought of taking opioids as a last resort. I tried it once when my chiropractor insisted but that was it, just once; I did not like it. I got depressed and the pain did went away but came back with the same intensity. Opioids with its attending risk for addiction made me decide to stay away from it, just in time. 

Chiropractic Manipulation – does it work? 

In my case no. I consulted with five chiropractors and subjected to some chiropractic manipulation. The process is painful and risky. I have to do it to correct and adjust alignment to my bones. There were some relief but it was temporary and the pain came back. Which begs the question: 

Will there ever be a cure for chronic pain? 

Research is extensive even then and now. Remedies crop here and there. Serious medications were introduced to relieve pain. “Opioids, meanwhile, are so addictive they can make people dependent within weeks and kill them within months… In 2004, five years after Vioxx, its new selective anti-inflammatory painkiller, had been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, Merck was forced to withdraw it after studies showed that long-term use was associated with an increased risk of heart disease. (One paper estimated the drug might have caused up to 139,000 heart attacks while it was available.) By 2006, 190 class-action lawsuits had been filed against Merck and the following year the company agreed to a settlement of $4.85bn to cover 27,000 individual cases in America alone.” ~ 1843magazine.  

Noted researcher and professor of pharmacology at King’s College London, Peter McNaughton is optimistic about the results and progress of his work. Afer decades of delving into the cellular basis of chronic pain he believes he has discovered the fundamentals of a drug that might eradicate it. Although his research is very promising and optimistic, Merck and the US Food and Drug Administration has yet to give its go signal before the drug can go into market. There is no time-frame for this. It could take many years down the line before anything else. 

Relief To Thousands Of Pain Sufferers 

Peter McNaughton’s approach to curing chronic pain is very reassuring. The drug will attack the cause on a cellular level.  When this happens he could transform millions, even billions, of lives. What more could anyone hope for than a world without pain? Because Mr. McNaughton’s drug is still many years into approval, what is the best remedy, in the meantime? 

Best CBD Oil For Pain 

Just like me, I did not wait for Merck’s pain drug to be officially marketed. I cannot wait that long while dealing with the day to day pain experience. I have to do something. 

CTFO CBD oil for pain is a little bit pricey. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 300 mg retails at $65.97.  The Preferred Price is $49.97. Preferred Price means that you enrolled as a CTFO Associate. It is free to join. As an associate, you enjoy the savings of $16.00 per bottle every month; and for free membership. You also have the opportunity to earn. 

CTFO’s CBD oil products are all tested by an accredited testing laboratory. Green Scientific Laboratory is Florida’s largest cannabis testing laboratory.

Please view this particular product’s analysis here. 

CTFO 10xPure CBD

10 thoughts on “Best CBD Oil For Pain – CTFO Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops”

  1. What does CTFO mean?

    Your article about what causes pain and it’s cure, is definitely a new book to be published!

    You’re right that pain is very hard to quantify and describe, because as humans we are created beings, made by God. We are naturally physical and spiritual beings with a body and mind! Therefore pain can easily creep in!

    I’ve heard of CBD oil, and that’s the end of the story!

    I personally don’t believe in taking pills or painkillers, unless it’s absolutely necessary! I do believe that the body can naturally heal itself by eating and exercising properly. Also talking to family and friends. The power of prayer and fasting also can powerfully heal the body.

    Is pain psychosomatic? In some cases i think it is, depending of course on the individual’s experience and mindset. Obviously if someone’s in an accident then quickly get them to a hospital.

    Goodness gracious! I was shocked to read about the business facts from the paper articles,  involving the ‘US Food and Drug Administration’. It’s just astonishing!

    It’s great that the UK professor is deep in research about relieving pain and that one day there may be a cure for pain!

    What is the difference between narcotics and opioids anyway?

    My opinion overall is that because the human race is fallen, there will always be pain!

    • Dayo, thanks for your input.

      CTFO is an acronym for “Changing The Future Outcome”, i.e., changing the future outcome of almost anything that one wants to change. Kind of perplexing though and it is. It is resolved by subjective interpretation of a situation which simply means – it all depends on what one wants to change and what outcome is desired.

      Pain is subjective. Scale measurement of 1 to 10 does not objectify the conclusion. I am not a doctor but I believe pain is not psychosomatic. I don’t know the medical reasons for it. But I know pain because I have been through it. I tried to meditate using mind over matter to reduce the pain. It did helped but the pain came back.

      I had a chronic shoulder pain. For more than ten years, I endured excruciating pain characterized by sleepless nights when it attacks me. Numerous chiropractors and a one-time opioid experience did not alleviate my condition. Only in January 2019 that I decided to try CBD. Amazingly and unbelievably, just after a month of taking sub-lingual drops of CBD, my pain was almost nil. Now, for the first time in my old life I can raise my left arm with ease, pain-free.

      I agree with you that the human race has fallen even in the beginning. That sin was carried on and the burden augments as sin is more prevalent and intense.

      There may never be an absolute cure for pain. Death is in itself is pain. Where is thy sting?  Death is also a victory when we are taken by God.

  2. CTFO is a multi level marketing scam. Like all MLM’s they charge a lot more for their products than those sold by non network marketing companies. This is because MLM’s have to to cover downline commissions.

    Like every other MLM scam they make the false claim that the products the sell are better than the others.

    You would be better off getting you CBD products somewhere else.

    • Hi Eddie:
      You have a very sweeping statement. Some MLM are scam; not CTFO. If CTFO is a scam it would have been shut down by FTC (Federal Trade Commission). CTFO has been in business for quite some time.
      It is true that MLM has many downlines to be paid for but that is the nature of multi-level marketing. Just like any marketing, there are costs to deal with. Be it downline payments or simple advertising, the cost for promoting a product involves costs and machinery. Downlines are necessary machineries as TV advertising is to CocaCola.
      CTFO’s products are competitive, at least with other excellent CBD products out there. There are cheap ones – the ones that you probably desire. These cheaper ones may lack the proper assay certification necessary for its authenticity – the real CBD content as claimed. You may see a bottle labelled to contain 100 mg but if fact, for lack of certified assay, may really contain less if none at all.
      CTFO prides of its products. They guarantee its quality. If you have not tried one of CTFO’s products, why don’t you try one. Don’t go for the cheap ones. Go for the best; one that works; one that is worth your money.
      After you tried it, you might consider making money out of it.

  3. I’ve been researching some different CBD oils for random pain… say after a workout or maybe getting into a skateboarding accident? I know that may sound odd… I don’t know… but I want to avoid using over the counter painkillers for things of that nature, you know what I mean?

    Maybe it’s a dumb question but I’m wondering if CBD oil can help alleviate mild pain like that? Also thank you for being transparent about the pricing of these oils, I appreciate that you let us know. Looking for the best of the best out there anyway! 

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you! 😀

    • Hi Colton,

      Thank you for your interest in CBD. 

      At first my interest in CBD was based on curiosity. CBD users bragged about their pain relief. Every pain sufferers that I met boast about their relief after using CBD. What got me into CTFO CBD though is not the business but the benefits of CBD, most especially – pain relief.

      To make the story short: I suffered from neck and left shoulder chronic pain caused by long term long haul interstate driving. Twenty years and wrong posture equals pain – and old age too for that matter. I went through many kinds of chiropractic regimens and took many pain killers (except opioid but only once – did not liked it) – to no avail.

      In January 2019 I started taking CBD. After a month, my pain is gradually diminished. On the seventh week, I felt better than ever – can sleep well. Almost no pain.

      I encourage you to research on CBD more. Don’t take my word for it. You will find out why CBD is not addictive. Why it is important to have a homestatis in our endocannabinoid system? In other words a balanced system in our body is what matters. Inflammation is a manifestation of imbalance in our system. Inflammation causes pain. CBD helps in containing inflammation thus restoring that balance.

      In your quest to know more about CBD, you may start here. (What Is Hemp CBD)

  4. Well! Cbd oil has really proven to be the all powerful product that can be used in all situations to administer ease back to someone after a moment of pain. Now seeing that the full spectrum of cbd oil can really be more effective if it comes from the ctfo company. Well! That sounds great for someone like me who have been using the ctfo products majorly. Thanks

  5. Hi, my sister suffered a broken collar bone and rotatator cuff. She is in a lot of pain. I will be suggesting for her to read your article. I do not believe in Tylenol or any other pain medications, and always look for the natural remedies like CBD oil. I personally suffer from back pain, and seeing a chiropractor has helped a bit. I personally do not believe that there will be a cure for pain, just relief from pain while it runs its duration. Prescription, and over the counter medication’s scare me because of the several side effects. You have mentioned Vioxx, and the relation to heart attacks. Waiting for a drug to come out while suffering from pain does not make sense. I do believe in CBD oil. Enrolling in CTFO does make sense especially if you need pain relief on a regular basis. The discount for being a member does make sense. I thank you for sharing this article.

    Best wishes,



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