About Me

If you have heard of CBD and the wonders it proclaims – let’s find out what’s the buzz is all about. 

The most common account I hear about CBD is that it eases and relieves pain. Other claims are for improving skin quality and anti-aging applications. There are products specifically for pets also. CBD has many uses and more claims are cropping up everyday. The projected multi-billion industry is opening many investment opportunities. However, the onset of many CBD-based products comes along the risk of quality. The absence of strict government regulations creates a general risk to the consuming public. Consumers must bear in mind – “buyer beware”. In other words, not all CBD products are the same even if they claim the same potency and CBD content. The labels are not always what they claim to be. 

Changing The Future Outcome 

CBD is here to stay. There are many claimed benefits than there are negative experiences. Yet even if we hear of so many good benefits CBD oil does to our body, we must be careful in consuming CBD oil. We have to “listen” to our bodies reaction while under this regimen.  

My personal experience taught me that CBD oil helps me a lot. The chronic shoulder back pain bothered me for many years. I have tried all kinds of chiropractic manipulations to no avail. I also tried opioid although once but the thought of addiction turned me away from further use of it. 

I have to suffer this chronic pain for another ten years constantly seeking remedy. Until the early months of 2019, in February when I read about CBD and Farm Bill of 2018. This knowledge opened my eyes to experiment on CBD oil. Derived from hemp, I bought a bottle 1 oz. 300 mg CBD from CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome). The company’s name was kind of “weird” for me, it made me question what outcome are you trying to change? After taking for about a week, I saw right off what the company meant to change in me. It was clear and it did happened – CTFO changed the way I feel about that chronic pain. The pain diminished from 9 (very painful) to 2 (comfortable pain level) to almost 1, which is bearable pain to almost none. 

CBD Oil Works

It has been seven months, here I am, a living testament that CBD oil works at least to ease if not cure the chronic shoulder pain I have suffered for many years. 

Maybe you have tried CBD oil – let us explore and share his wonderful and natural product. 

Another point where CTFO has changed my future outcome – CTFO helped me earn some extra money by being a CTFO Associate. I invite me to JOIN me; it’s free to JOIN.

In every one’s life, someone has to be an inspiration for our being. My children had been my inspiration when they were growing up. Now that they have attained their own stature in life, I felt myself complete and consummated. But at 72, I have to find something to go on. I found writing to be fruitful as I enjoy the last years of my life. But I have to have an inspiration to do this. Such inspiration I found in my granddaughter Faith. At seven now, she is as precocious as any other child.